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Are you looking for a quality Bible study to explore God’s design for men and women in your small group, CBE chapter, university Christian society or other group? The Men & Women: God’s Design Bible Study is a unique new resource which balances community building within your group with exploration of some challenging Scriptures. The study encourages participants to dig deeply into Scripture to grow in knowledge and wisdom in this area. This exciting new resource is a unique exploration of biblical equality.

Although built on a foundation of sound current scholarship, it has been designed to be accessible to men and women of differing ages, backgrounds and educational levels and has been tested with diverse groups, receiving strong positive reviews from all participants. It has been comprehensively reviewed by a team including a biblical scholar, pastor, retired pastor, missionary and lay-person.

The Men & Women: God’s Design Bible Study consists of 3 resources:

  • Men & Women: God’s Design Participant Workbook
  • Men & Women: God’s Design Leader’s Guide
  • Men & Women: God’s Design Resource Sheets

Men & Women God's Design resource book inside

From Genesis to Paul, the Men & Women: God’s Design Bible Study explores God’s plan for male and female relationships over 7 sessions:

  • Study 1: Male and Female He Created Them (Genesis 1-2)
  • Study 2: The Fall (Genesis 3)
  • Study 3: Men & Women After the Fall (overview of remainder of the Old Testament)
  • Study 4: Jesus, Friend of Women (Gospels)
  • Study 5: Acts, Paul & Women in Ministry (Acts 2 & 21, Romans 16)
  • Study 6: No Teaching, No Authority? (1 Timothy 2 & 3, Titus 1, Galatians 3)
  • Study 7: Marriage and Singleness (Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 7, Ephesians 5)

What do participants say about their experience of the Men & Women: God’s Design Bible Study?

  • “I have to admit that I hadn’t felt at all enthusiastic about going to Bible studies for a long while, but I can’t wait to come to this one each week.”
  • “I believe God has used this study to heal me from abusive relationships with men in the past.”
  • “Some of the things I had heard in the church about men and women were really eating away at me – I felt like my faith was hanging by a thread. I credit this study with  renewing my faith and my love of God.”

Purchase the Men & Women: God’s Design Bible Study

  • Men & Women: God’s Design Participant Workbook – $12.50
  • Men & Women: God’s Design Leader’s Guide  $20.00 – out of stock
  • Men & Women: God’s Design Resource Sheets (strongly recommended for all group leaders and participants) – $10.00

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