Easter Women – a Resurrection Sunday Reflection

*This is not by any means an exegetical piece. It is more in the nature of a fictitious retelling of the events of the first Good Friday and Easter Sunday from the imagined perspective of the women at the tomb and cross. Some details come directly from Scripture, some are creative licence …  Sunday morning creeps… Continue reading Easter Women – a Resurrection Sunday Reflection

Many-Coloured Coats

  I love reading with my eight-year-old son before bedtime. I especially love to read beautifully written books that share God’s story with him. One book we have enjoyed recently is Geraldine McCaughrean’s The Jesse Tree – the story of a grumpy old man who is carving a Jesse tree (an ancient tradition which tells… Continue reading Many-Coloured Coats

We Are Women

We are women Walking in the spirit of Abigail Unafraid to use our intelligence and resources To protect those who depend on us And to do what is right in Your sight We are women Walking in the spirit of Priscilla Ready to use our gifts to let Your truth blossom And cause untruth to… Continue reading We Are Women

Mary, Did You Know?

Parenthood is a (presumably lifelong) state of wishing and hoping, what-ifs and wondering. It starts with pregnancy. What if something goes wrong? Let’s not tell anyone until we reach the “magic” three month mark. What sex will my baby be? Will I be a good parent? How much is labour going to hurt? After the… Continue reading Mary, Did You Know?

His Grace is More Than Enough

A little while back, I was listening to a YouTube compilation of the “Top 100 Praise and Worship Songs of 2015.” The last song to play repeatedly assured, “Your grace is enough, Your grace is enough.” Extravagant grace We love stories of God’s extravagant grace – a long-term drug user and dealer who has a… Continue reading His Grace is More Than Enough

Champion of Women’s Rights: Domnic Misolo

Throughout this year, the God’s Design – Perth blog will be featuring the stories of a number of inspiring individuals. I wonder what your mental image of a women’s rights advocate looks like. A middle-aged woman in Doc Martens, with short hair and arty taste in clothes? A young female university student studying an Arts degree?… Continue reading Champion of Women’s Rights: Domnic Misolo

Taming Dragons

  “Remember, a dragon will always, always go for the kill,” instructs Gobber the Belch in the movie How to Train Your Dragon. Young Hiccup hears this statement, and suddenly a lightbulb comes on. Only a day or so before, Hiccup had cut loose the young dragon – later named Toothless – which was tangled… Continue reading Taming Dragons