We Are Women

We are women Walking in the spirit of Abigail Unafraid to use our intelligence and resources To protect those who depend on us And to do what is right in Your sight We are women Walking in the spirit of Priscilla Ready to use our gifts to let Your truth blossom And cause untruth to… Continue reading We Are Women

Mary, Did You Know?

Parenthood is a (presumably lifelong) state of wishing and hoping, what-ifs and wondering. It starts with pregnancy. What if something goes wrong? Let’s not tell anyone until we reach the “magic” three month mark. What sex will my baby be? Will I be a good parent? How much is labour going to hurt? After the… Continue reading Mary, Did You Know?

Q&A: Should Women Be Silent in Church? Part 4

Priscilla and Aquila were not just learners – but having drunk deeply at the well of Paul’s theological knowledge, they became competent and reliable teachers of the truth.

Q&A: Gender Roles in Marriage, Part 2

In the previous post of this Q&A on gender roles in marriage, we began looking at whether specific gender roles are God’s design for Christian marriages – roles in which, specifically, the husband is to take responsibility for leadership and the wife is to help and to submit. Firstly, we started in Genesis, and found… Continue reading Q&A: Gender Roles in Marriage, Part 2

“Enwhitenment”: The Bible’s Surprising Take on Men & Women

Is the Bible any sort of a place to find relevant and useful ideas on gender issues? And what does this question have to do with an ad for photocopier paper? (Those are two sentences you never expected to find in the one paragraph!) In this post, I provide an overview of the treatment of women throughout… Continue reading “Enwhitenment”: The Bible’s Surprising Take on Men & Women

Hagar and the ‘God Who Sees Me’ (Part 1)

This is part 1 of a 2 post series. Pregnancy – you might desperately long for it, or recoil from it. It might evoke unbelievable joy or the depths of despair. It’s a fair call to say this is one situation that almost never creates a wholly neutral emotional response. There are many reasons why a… Continue reading Hagar and the ‘God Who Sees Me’ (Part 1)