Howzat? We’ve Hit a Century!

Let’s not mention Australia vs. Pakistan (except to say I hope we get up and win the next Test). But in other news, the God’s Design Perth Facebook page hit (and passed) the 100 “likes” mark overnight! Now, that’s better than being out for a duck! I’ve been thrilled, chuffed, rapt, delighted, overjoyed, tickled pink,… Continue reading Howzat? We’ve Hit a Century!

“Eshet Chayil” – Woman of Valour (Part 1)

Recently, in the God’s Design course, we explored some of the incredible women of the Old Testament and how God used them in unexpected ways – women like Deborah (with a glance at Jael), Huldah and Abigail. We also took a close look at the Hebrew term eshet chayil. In most translations, we read “a wife of… Continue reading “Eshet Chayil” – Woman of Valour (Part 1)