Welcome! Come dip a toe into the water…


Take a deep breath…

Check your goggles are on and bathers are fitting properly so as to avoid a wardrobe malfunction (public embarrassment – no thanks)…

Suss out the depth of the water (this is the first thing you learn about diving, right?)…

Cast a wary eye across the water for sharks (definitely a necessary step in West Australian waters)…

Dip toe in the water to check how cold it is…gasp!

Dip the toe in again, just to be sure…gasp! It’s still cold!

Pretend to be nonchalant about the whole deal and…

SPLASH! Dive in!

It seemed like no big deal…”I’ll start a blog.” After all, thousands and thousands of people have a blog, right? That includes a number of my friends. But at another level, it is a big deal. My thoughts, my studies, my ideas…out there for the world to see, criticise, comment on, maybe troll. Yikes.

But here I am after all, because of the vague hope that what I have to say might prove useful or even a wee bit helpful to someone, and of the joy of writing and researching (I know…label me a geek right here and now). Well, it turns out that these factors are bigger than my fears. I hope we will journey together, and learn from each other. Make discoveries together. Wrestle with tricky bits of Scripture and frustrating bits of our culture together. Laugh together, weep together. Join in collective “ah-ha!” moments.

I don’t know what’s brought you here (although I hope I might, in time, have the privilege of finding out). But perhaps you’re curious about what’s brought me here. Now, there’s a question I can answer. I’ve noticed in recent years that there’s a lot of hurt, frustration and heartbreak in churches over gender issues. Sometimes, it goes beyond that, and becomes a make or break issue for a person’s faith. A lot of people are uncomfortable with the messages they’re hearing in church, but they don’t have a biblical framework to be able to resolve the issue for themselves in a way that also honours the authority of Scripture. It seemed God was tapping me on the shoulder, saying, “It’s time to stop keeping this message of biblical equality to yourself and have the courage to share it with others.”

My first step was to write a Bible study. I gathered together a few friends, and we’ve been working through it recently. What a joy it’s been, sharing these truths with a group of people who are excited to dig deeper. It’s my hope that I’ll have the opportunity to lead others through the study in the future (if this sounds intriguing to you, please contact me!). And now I’ve decided to take the plunge and share some thoughts about God’s design for the mutuality between men and women with you in this blog.

So…slip your shoes off. C’mon, dip that toe in the water. Dive in with me, and let’s see what God has in store.


2 thoughts on “Welcome! Come dip a toe into the water…

  1. Followed your link from The Junia Project. Your story is so much my story — as I’m sure you’re finding out! I began my blog in October of 2007 — fall much be a time for starting contemplative ventures, eh? 😉 I’ll be reading your other two posts and have subscribed to keep up with your thoughts. I find that I write on my blog mostly to clarify what I’m thinking…and if it is helpful to others, that’s great. I have learned that being under the radar is just fine…don’t need the drama! 🙂

    Blessings to you!

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