Light, Darkness & Domestic Violence

Abusing someone is a sin. Covering up abuse is a sin. Failing to protect, listen to or help the abused person is a sin.


The Bible on Rape (1): Susanna’s Story

Katie Edwards and Emma Nagouse of the University of Sheffield recently published an article on The Conversation titled “How the Bible Shapes Contemporary Attitudes to Rape and Sexual Assault.”  In it, Edwards and Nagouse discuss the victim-blaming attitude about rape demonstrated by a retiring UK judge, and then go on to provide some examples of… Continue reading The Bible on Rape (1): Susanna’s Story

4 Reasons Why the Archbishop of Sydney is Wrong About Gender

It’s not often that the statements of church leaders are considered even remotely newsworthy in Australia, where the general attitude to religion varies mostly from indifference to contempt. Sydney Anglicans have made a habit of making the news in the past 12 months for issues relating to gender roles – a series of news stories… Continue reading 4 Reasons Why the Archbishop of Sydney is Wrong About Gender

Restoring Mary Magdalene

Ahhh…ignorance. Some people clearly find it blissful, or the Da Vinci Code would never have been a best-seller. You may have noticed in recent years, that if any matter related to Christianity is “interesting” enough to make it into the popular media, it is almost certainly based on a solid dose of ignorance wrapped up… Continue reading Restoring Mary Magdalene