Who’s Who in Paul’s Greetings in Romans 16 (Part 1)

Okay, confession time: do your eyes glaze over when you read that long list of greetings in Romans 16? Maybe, like me, you’ve been part of a Bible study that looked at each chapter of Romans week by week, only to come to an abrupt halt after chapter 15, because it was considered that there… Continue reading Who’s Who in Paul’s Greetings in Romans 16 (Part 1)

God’s Design Courses 2016

Have you ever sat through a sermon, and come out fuming or saddened or just plain frustrated about some aspect of what the pastor said about marriage or women, but you haven’t known how to really put a biblical perspective on what you felt was wrong with what you heard? Or perhaps you’re a woman… Continue reading God’s Design Courses 2016

“Eshet Chayil” – Woman of Valour (Part 1)

Recently, in the God’s Design course, we explored some of the incredible women of the Old Testament and how God used them in unexpected ways – women like Deborah (with a glance at Jael), Huldah and Abigail. We also took a close look at the Hebrew term eshet chayil. In most translations, we read “a wife of… Continue reading “Eshet Chayil” – Woman of Valour (Part 1)