Howzat? We’ve Hit a Century!

Let’s not mention Australia vs. Pakistan (except to say I hope we get up and win the next Test). But in other news, the God’s Design Perth Facebook page hit (and passed) the 100 “likes” mark overnight! Now, that’s better than being out for a duck!

I’ve been thrilled, chuffed, rapt, delighted, overjoyed, tickled pink, over the moon (you get the drift – “mildly pleased”) to see the support and interest the FB page and this blog have generated in just over a week. I hope you’ll stick around, like a post here, leave a comment there, engage in a bit of a conversation about some of the ideas that come up…maybe sit back and read a little when the covers come out at the cricket over summer. 😉

mike husseyMike Hussey celebrating a win for the Perth Scorchers in the Big Bash League.

Photo courtesy of Vision Inspired Photography,

Now we’ve had our little moment of celebration, I’ll stop waving my bat in the air before I do my shoulder in again, and toddle off to update the Cricket Australia app on my phone, in essential preparation for the summer ahead. (My apologies to my North American readers for the mention of summer…allow me to pause for a moment and commiserate with you over the impending arrival of winter. Oh, and my further apologies to you all for the incomprehensible cricket talk…I won’t indulge in that too often.)

And just for anyone who needs reminding, there are 3 easy choices if you want to follow this blog:

  • Hit “like” on the Facebook page,
  • Sign up on this site to receive updates via email, or
  • If you have a WordPress acoount, you can follow the blog in WordPress.

You’re also more than welcome to share the blog or any of the posts with friends if you are enjoying the content here.

So thank you all once again, and I’m looking forward to notching up a few more runs as time goes by.

Bronwen Speedie

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