Welcome, visitors from The Junia Project!

welcome mat

It’s been lovely to see so many visits to this page after the publication of my post at The Junia Project (one of my favourite blogs) earlier today. If you are one of them, a very big welcome to you! If you’re not, then I’ll share that post here soon for you to read.

As you can see, God’s Design Perth is a very new blog (just over a week old!), and content will continue to grow over time, so  I hope you’ll stick around for the journey.

Please feel free to leave comments and likes, to share the blog with anyone who might be interested, and to follow this blog in one of these ways:

  • Through Facebook – just type “God’s Design Perth” into the search box.
  • By email – there’s a spot on this page where you can enter your email address to receive posts directly into your inbox.
  • Through WordPress, if you have a WordPress account.

Hope to see you around again!


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