The Bible on Rape (1): Susanna’s Story

Katie Edwards and Emma Nagouse of the University of Sheffield recently published an article on The Conversation titled “How the Bible Shapes Contemporary Attitudes to Rape and Sexual Assault.”  In it, Edwards and Nagouse discuss the victim-blaming attitude about rape demonstrated by a retiring UK judge, and then go on to provide some examples of… Continue reading The Bible on Rape (1): Susanna’s Story

Why #ThingsChristianWomenShouldHear Matters

Earlier this week, Canadian author and speaker Sarah Bessey inadvertently started a Twitter phenomenon when she began a conversation with the hashtag, #ThingsOnlyChristianWomenHear. The responses were horrifying, saddening, frustrating and sick-making. The discussion became a lament for the brokenness of the church and the impact this has on the lives of women.  If you’ve not… Continue reading Why #ThingsChristianWomenShouldHear Matters

Q&A: Are Husbands to Lead Their Wives?

Q: Bronwen, my friend says that husbands are created by God to be leaders of their wives and families. When I asked for her biblical evidence of this belief, she said 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. These passages do seem to say quite clearly that men are to manage their families (which is the same as… Continue reading Q&A: Are Husbands to Lead Their Wives?

We Are Women

We are women Walking in the spirit of Abigail Unafraid to use our intelligence and resources To protect those who depend on us And to do what is right in Your sight We are women Walking in the spirit of Priscilla Ready to use our gifts to let Your truth blossom And cause untruth to… Continue reading We Are Women

Mary, Did You Know?

Parenthood is a (presumably lifelong) state of wishing and hoping, what-ifs and wondering. It starts with pregnancy. What if something goes wrong? Let’s not tell anyone until we reach the “magic” three month mark. What sex will my baby be? Will I be a good parent? How much is labour going to hurt? After the… Continue reading Mary, Did You Know?

Q&A: Should Women Be Silent in Church? Part 4

Priscilla and Aquila were not just learners – but having drunk deeply at the well of Paul’s theological knowledge, they became competent and reliable teachers of the truth.

Q&A: Should Women Be Silent In Church? Part 3

We have already seen, in Part 1 and Part 2 of this series on 1 Timothy 2:11, that Paul has indicated that some in the Ephesian church are promoting controversial speculations, turning to meaningless talk, and blaspheming (not in the sense of swearing, but in the sense of speech that goes against God’s truths –… Continue reading Q&A: Should Women Be Silent In Church? Part 3