Hagar and the ‘God Who Sees Me’ (Part 1)

This is part 1 of a 2 post series. Pregnancy – you might desperately long for it, or recoil from it. It might evoke unbelievable joy or the depths of despair. It’s a fair call to say this is one situation that almost never creates a wholly neutral emotional response. There are many reasons why a… Continue reading Hagar and the ‘God Who Sees Me’ (Part 1)

4 Reasons Why the Archbishop of Sydney is Wrong About Gender

It’s not often that the statements of church leaders are considered even remotely newsworthy in Australia, where the general attitude to religion varies mostly from indifference to contempt. Sydney Anglicans have made a habit of making the news in the past 12 months for issues relating to gender roles – a series of news stories… Continue reading 4 Reasons Why the Archbishop of Sydney is Wrong About Gender

Taming Dragons

  “Remember, a dragon will always, always go for the kill,” instructs Gobber the Belch in the movie How to Train Your Dragon. Young Hiccup hears this statement, and suddenly a lightbulb comes on. Only a day or so before, Hiccup had cut loose the young dragon – later named Toothless – which was tangled… Continue reading Taming Dragons

Review: The Lion Bible for Children (Part 1)

Introducing a new series, “Children’s Bibles and Bible Story Books,” in which we will be looking a how women are represented in these books. We don’t arrive at adulthood as a clean slate, without preconceived ideas about gender. Throughout childhood and adolescence, many factors subtly or overtly contribute to building our concept of gender by… Continue reading Review: The Lion Bible for Children (Part 1)

St Hilda of Whitby – A Woman of Strength, Grace & Wisdom

St Patrick of Ireland, Edward the Confessor, Alfred the Great, St David of Wales, St Aidan of Lindisfarne – all instrumental figures in the establishment of Christianity in Britain. But women also played an important role – St Hilda of Whitby stands head and shoulders above the rest.

God’s Design Courses 2016

Have you ever sat through a sermon, and come out fuming or saddened or just plain frustrated about some aspect of what the pastor said about marriage or women, but you haven’t known how to really put a biblical perspective on what you felt was wrong with what you heard? Or perhaps you’re a woman… Continue reading God’s Design Courses 2016

Eshet Chayil (Part 3) – Rise Up and Call Her Blessed

Find post 1 in this series here, and post 2 here. Want to totally freak out a Christian woman with just three words? I’m sure you’re much too nice for that, but I’m going to tell you anyway. Here goes – “Proverbs 31 woman.” Yup. The seemingly indomitable superwoman of the final chapter of Proverbs… Continue reading Eshet Chayil (Part 3) – Rise Up and Call Her Blessed