“Men Need Respect, Women Need Love”?

“Women need love, but men need respect.” How often have you heard this, or similar statements? And so often, they are met with wisely knowing nods and exclamations (“oh, so true!”), and likes and shares on Facebook. These overly simplistic notions are popular when it comes to people trying to sort out the perceived differences… Continue reading “Men Need Respect, Women Need Love”?

4 Reasons Why the Archbishop of Sydney is Wrong About Gender

It’s not often that the statements of church leaders are considered even remotely newsworthy in Australia, where the general attitude to religion varies mostly from indifference to contempt. Sydney Anglicans have made a habit of making the news in the past 12 months for issues relating to gender roles – a series of news stories… Continue reading 4 Reasons Why the Archbishop of Sydney is Wrong About Gender

Salad Servers, Spanners and the Truth (or: 4 Common “Biblical” Untruths)

“I found your spanner, Mum!” “Huh? What are you talking about?” Heck, I don’t own a spanner. And there certainly shouldn’t be one in the kitchen today. “Look!” My 7 year old son proudly displays the pictured Tupperware salad server. With a touch of amusement, I explain what it is. “No, it’s a spanner!” “Salad… Continue reading Salad Servers, Spanners and the Truth (or: 4 Common “Biblical” Untruths)

God’s Design Courses 2016

Have you ever sat through a sermon, and come out fuming or saddened or just plain frustrated about some aspect of what the pastor said about marriage or women, but you haven’t known how to really put a biblical perspective on what you felt was wrong with what you heard? Or perhaps you’re a woman… Continue reading God’s Design Courses 2016

Surprising Men of the Old Testament (Part 2)

What do a godly man’s relationships look like? How does he respond to his wife and children, to vulnerable women and to women in leadership roles?

An “Ah-Ha” Moment

I am thrilled to announce that my good friends and retired pastors, Liz and Trevor Sykes, will be regular guest contributors to the God’s Design blog. Liz and Trevor have a passion for helping men and women to live as God intended, and to help them to develop sound and healthy relationships. In their retirement,… Continue reading An “Ah-Ha” Moment